Mission Statement

To advocate and promote a healthier environment, job creation, financial independence, safety, and neighborhood revitalization


Vision Statement

We seek to be an organization, which residents will look to for information and assistance on solving problems. We will be a fully staffed, self-sufficient organization which will assist and facilitate our residents in developing and employing a neighborhood which is safe, beautiful, and economically viable

Organizational History/Background

The Northside Association for Community Development, (NACD), incorporated as non-profit organization in 1981 by a group of concerned residents and individuals who lived in and outside the neighborhood.  They were willing to give their time and/or contribute financially to make a difference in the lives of the families living in the neighborhood.   Eighty percent of the governing board must live in the neighborhood per our by-laws.  All of NACD’s board meetings are open to the public.

Our History


The Northside Association for Community Development, (NACD), established in 1981, is a 501 (c) (3) non- profit organization. We are a locally certified Community Housing Development Organization, (CHDO). 

We are governed by a board of directors where 80% of the members must live in the neighborhood per our by-laws. All of NACD’s board meetings are open to the public and the majority of the programs have been initiated at the request of a resident.    

Since its inception the organization has provided a wide range of free services in the areas of education, employment, homeownership/rehab, recreation, environmental justice, financial literacy, crime prevention and commercial development. Due to the limited number of full-time staff success of our events and programs are dependent upon participation of our residents and community volunteers. They are our strength and foundation.   

NACD is working to rebuild the economic, social and physical prosperity of the Northside neighborhood. Listed below is a brief description of past projects that have been completed over the past 28 years and future projects that have been identified as a need by our residents.    

(2016 – 2020)  Design and develop a year - round space   to teach Northside residents of all ages about environmental science,  water conservation, food production, health and nutrition,

workforce   development in urban agriculture, construction utilizing art and     technology. Engage  residents in planning and implementation of safe activities, new  construction of (2) two bedroom units with a one car garage for seniors.

(2013 -2015 ) Completed construction of (4) senior one bedroom apartments, (1) complete rehab of single family home, (1) rehab duplex. Workforce Development Literacy Center- GED prep, One on One literacy tutoring, computer classes, resume, and email development. Arts, Science, and Technology- Six week summer camp utilizing art, science and agriculture to improve literacy and positive behavior among youth ages 5- 13 years old. 

(2008 – 2010)  NACD began the Urban Garden Project.  In 2010, the project was expanded and renamed “Northside Is Going Green “, which involved planting 47 spruce trees and 17 fruit trees in the neighborhood and planting vegetables that were given to low income persons.  

(2007 – 2008) In partnership with Nova Development Group of Detroit, NACD assisted 26 Northside homeowners with energy efficient upgrades and improvements to their homes including new windows, insulation, furnaces, water heaters, and thermostats.  

(2004) NACD Skill Center: NACD constructed a 9,600 square foot building consisting of office space, commercial kitchen, community room.   

(2003) Park Street Plaza: A $3.7 million, 29,000 square foot retail complex which includes a 26,000 square foot neighborhood grocery store, (Park Street Market), and 3,000 square feet of retail space.  In 2010 we partnered with Park Street Market to reopen the store after its closing in 2009. Park Street Market employs over 30 employees, of which 40% live in the neighborhood.


(1981 – 1992) NACD operated youth programs, crime prevention education workshops, and advocated to keep the fire station open in our neighborhood.